Motorcyclist Safety Tips

Published on Jan 25, 2017 at 5:18 pm in Auto Accidents.

Riding a motorcycle is a great pastime and offers a fuel-efficient mode of transportation. Many motorcyclists love the open road and fresh air that go along with the sound of a revving, powerful engine. Although fun, exciting, and efficient, motorcycles are inherently much more dangerous than a car, truck, or SUV. Getting into a motorcycle accident with a larger vehicle almost always results in disaster for the motorcyclist. In order to fully enjoy your motorcycle and avoid the dangers of them, here are some tips for the road.

When shopping for a motorcycle, it is important not to purchase a bike that is too large, heavy, or purely for its aesthetic properties. Of course, buying a motorcycle that you find pleasing is important but buying a bike that is perhaps too large for the rider or is not easily controlled by the rider only facilitates a more harmful experience rather than a fun one.

When buying a motorcycle, it is important to keep a few factors in mind. Choosing a model that allows you to place both feet flat on the ground comfortably and being able to reach all controls in a comfortable manner are indicators that the motorcycle is suitable for you. The weight of the motorcycle should also be taken into consideration and a bike that feels too heavy most likely is.

Another tip for motorcyclists is to never pass up investing in a good Antilock Braking System or ABS. Antilock brakes have been proven time and time again to be a lifesaver on the road for cyclists and decrease the chances of crashes and injury. How so? By locking up the brakes on your motorcycle it disables much of the steering control. ABS allows the driver to maintain control while the braking process is occurring which decreases harmful side effects of crashes. Although the majority of newer, high-end models come with ABS as a feature, investing in an Antilock Braking System no matter the model you go with not only costs a couple hundred dollars but allows for insurance discounts, as well.

The most well-known motorcyclist tip is of course none other than: Protect Your Head! Helmets are a necessity when riding a motorcycle and the majority of states, including Kentucky, require helmets by law. Riding without a helmet not only increases your risk of brain injury, but also increases the risk of a fine or ticket from law enforcement. Riders without a helmet have been statistically proven to be 40% more likely to experience a fatal head injury in a crash as opposed to riders who do wear their helmet.

Replacing a helmet every five years is recommended in order for it to maintain its protective properties in the event of an accident or crash. Along with wearing a helmet, wearing proper riding gear is also of great importance because it not only looks good, but is meant for protection in the event of a crash. Leather clothing pieces, even in the summer, and boots are the most appropriate pieces of riding gear. After all, leather looks a whole lot better that road rash.

Taking motorcycle safety courses can also play a large part in your ability to ride your motorcycle in a safe way. There are many Motorcycle Safety Foundation or MSF courses to be found and participated in to help increase knowledge of not only your motorcycle, but driving and riding your motorcycle in the safest manner possible. Classes such as these can teach defensive driving techniques and once a foundation of basic skill is honed, classes offer advanced training. These courses typically run around $350.00, but the majority of insurance companies offer discounts if proof of having taken a safety course is valid.

Last but not least, as a motorcyclist it is imperative to your safety to learn defensive riding and to avoid hazardous road conditions. Defensive driving essentially means that you are aware of your surroundings such as cars suddenly changing lanes or individuals texting and driving. Having a keen sense of awareness of the road and drivers around you along with avoiding hazardous road conditions such as slick roads due to rain, ice, or snow can not only help protect you and your motorcycle, but also save your life or a life of someone on the road.

For more helpful tips or for any type of legal advice regarding a motorcycle accident which may have already occurred, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Daryl T. Dixon law. I’m Daryl T. Dixon, and I take my clients and their cases seriously. Our office will ensure you get the financial compensation you and your family deserves.

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