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Welcome to the website of personal injury practice Daryl T. Dixon Law. Our law office, located in Paducah, Kentucky, has been on the front lines of personal injury and wrongful death law for over 15 years, and we aren't backing away from those front lines anytime soon. We believe in fighting for victims of accidents and their families during dark times when justice seems to fall to the wayside and tragedy descends. It's our goal to reverse that darkness and obtain justice for those who deserve it, enabling victims to find the road to recovery and happiness.

Our practice was first opened in 2000 when owner and founder Daryl T. Dixon, Paducah, KY personal injury lawyer, imagined a private practice where the needs of its clients came first and foremost—no matter the complexity of a given case. We pride ourselves on having the skill and expertise required to help our clients win even the most challenging of personal injury cases.

At Daryl T. Dixon Law, we choose to focus on areas of the law where individuals tend to suffer most and find it difficult to get the help they need. We’ve found that by specializing in personal injury law, we’re able to help accident victims get back on their feet again and continue to provide for their loved ones. For our attorneys, there’s no better victory in life.

We’re currently accepting new cases regarding car accidents, truck accidents, nursing home abuse and neglect, brain injuries, pharmaceutical litigation, boating and river accidents, and more. If any of these areas describe a recent tragedy that has significantly impacted your life, browse our practice areas page to see how we can help.

If there’s anything we’ve learned after more than 16 years of practicing personal injury law, it’s the fact that even after a tragedy, hope remains. Let Daryl T. Dixon, Kentucky personal injury attorney, and his team be of assistance in helping your family find that hope. Contact our office to learn more.

Darryl guided me every step of the way. He didn't act like he just wanted money, he actually kept me informed & even checked on me after we settled. I feel like Darryl got me the maximum settlement and I was so happy with his hard work and dedication. If I had it to do all over, I would choose Darryl again and again!
14:14 15 Aug 17
These guys are proven winners. You cannot go wrong with this high quality team. Their track record of success is unparalleled
Bhavin Patel
Bhavin Patel
01:04 25 Jul 17
Very trustworthy guys Nick and Daryl treated us very well throughout our experience...I would definitely recommend them to friends and family 😆😆
Brandon Mullen
Brandon Mullen
22:42 20 Jul 17
The team at Daryl T Dixon Law have helped me with my case. They have been prompt in their communication and I knew that they always had my back. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a Personal Injury Law Firm. They will stand behind you and fight for you nonstop!
L Abell
L Abell
21:51 18 Jul 17
Daryl is great! I've had wonderful interactions with him and trust his knowledge and judgment!
Nick J Rishwain
Nick J Rishwain
17:46 13 Jul 17
EXCELLENT personal injury lawyer! Extremely knowledgeable and willing to take the time to answer questions. Highly recommended!
Angela Kendall
Angela Kendall
16:07 04 Oct 17
Very professional and gets down to business. Great work!
Jason Brame
Jason Brame
12:54 05 Oct 17
Daryl is a great guy. He was the ONLY attorney willing to take on a terrible car wreck we had in Paducah when I already had an injury and was going to have to sue my own insurance company. He’s a real champion for the underdog.
Dawn Brink
Dawn Brink
15:48 01 Nov 17
I am so glad to have found Daryl T. Dixon law. I was apprehensive in the beginning about seeking an attorney. However, after meeting Nick Jones I was confident I had made the right decision. I was treated like a friend rather than a legal case. I would highly recommend this firm to family, friends or anyone who is seeking too notch representation. THANK YOU again to Nick at Daryl T. Dixon Law!!!
Julie Lee
Julie Lee
02:05 21 Dec 17
Great people, If your looking for a great lawyer this is them.
Tye Prince
Tye Prince
01:59 14 Feb 18

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