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Paducah Truck Accident Lawyer

When there is an automobile accident involving two or more motor vehicles, the crash can be a traumatic and devastating event for all parties involved. However, when a traffic accident involves a semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle the outcome can be on a much larger scale and an even more catastrophic event. Typically, semi-trucks and larger commercial vehicles have exponentially more weight than non-commercial vehicles. Since these trucks are larger, heavier and pack more force, trucking accidents have the capacity to cause serious injuries and/or death.

Trucking accident litigation is much different than that of automobile crashes. Truck crashes account for nearly 10% of all accidents on the road. This is true on a nationwide level as well as in Kentucky. These accidents that can cause severe injury or even death are handled differently under the law due to the severity of the damage a truck or tractor-trailer can cause. These circumstances deserve special attention. Kentucky residents will benefit greatly from the help of a Paducah, KY truck accident lawyer.

The majority of trucks are engaged in interstate commerce and owned by and the responsibility of companies or businesses rather than individuals. A truck driver’s actions behind the wheel are held to a much higher standard of care that other drivers on the road. Truck drivers are professionals and this must be taken into consideration in all aspects of a semi-truck accident.

This also means that when a trucking accident does occur, truck accident injury attorneys have the ability to obtain higher awards for their clients from trucking businesses, companies, and insurers. It should also be brought to attention that aspects and details such as speeding are therefore factored into the accident producing different outcomes than regular motor vehicle accidents.

Truck Accident Laws and Claims are Complicated

Truck accidents that cause injury or death are handled differently under the law compared to car and motorcycle accidents. Because trucks are commercial vehicles, owned by and the responsibility of companies rather than individuals, a truck driver’s conduct behind the wheel is held to more stringent standards of care than other drivers using public roadways. This means that when an accident does occur, truck accident injury attorneys have the ability to obtain higher awards for their clients from trucking companies and their insurers.

Because most trucks conduct interstate travel, they are governed by the regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). With public dollars, the FMCSA is tasked with defining, enforcing and fining for violations among drivers and/or owners of trucks, buses, large vans and other large vehicles. But recently, there have been concerns about the FMCSA’s commitment to its task. In May 2006, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (AHAS) sent a letter to congress that cast doubt on the data and reporting of the Large Truck Crash Causation Study. The LTCCS is the FMCSA’s annual report to Congress on the state of the nation’s highways.

Other advocacy groups have complained about the malaise and ineffectual efforts of the FMCSA in recent years. But when the federal government has an agenda that is unswervingly pro-business, agencies and departments that protect public safety are nearly always short on funds, as well as the courage to make an effective stand for the safety of Americans.

Getting Help from a Paducah Truck Accident Attorney

When federal government policy fails to protect innocent drivers and passengers from inattentive, intoxicated, reckless or even unconscious truck drivers, a personal injury lawyer can help an injured victim have a voice. When the U.S. trucking industry fails to keep improperly loaded or defective trucks, big rigs and 18-wheelers off Kentucky roads, Paducah, KY truck accident lawyer Daryl T. Dixon can help those injured as a result obtain justice.

For help with a truck accident injury claim in Kentucky, contact Daryl today.

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