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About Daryl T. Dixon Law

Daryl T. Dixon Law is a private personal injury practice that was founded in 2000 by owner Daryl Thomas Dixon. Located in Paducah, Kentucky, Daryl T. Dixon and his team pride themselves on helping their clients through troubled times and obtaining justice for individuals who may otherwise feel they do not have a voice against the legal system.

Owner Daryl T. Dixon and his team are always there for injured Kentucky residents– even when it seems like the rest of the world is against them. Everyone who works at our office is determined to make a positive and lasting difference in our local and statewide communities. Our litigation skills let us actively seek out clients who face uncertain futures that were caused by negligence, carelessness, or abuse by another.

Thanks to Daryl and his team’s hard work and dedication, many accident and injury victims and their families have obtained fair compensation to help them pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering costs, and other financial consequences that are an unfortunate part of serious and life-altering injuries. Of equal importance to us is that our clients receive the respect and closure that only the course of justice can render, and that wrongdoers are punished for their actions before someone else is harmed or killed.

If you’re getting conned, cheated, or simply ignored by an insurance company, employer, or other party liable for an injury you or a loved one has sustained, our office can make sure the negligent parties are held to full account for the irreparable harm and loss they’ve caused you.

Daryl and his team have negotiated fair and expedient settlements with insurance companies like the Kentucky Farm Bureau, State Farm, Progressive, All State, Grange, and other insurers that earn billions of dollars a year from Kentucky drivers. When negotiations with insurers fail to get the results his clients deserve, Daryl T. Dixon has never hesitated to initiate trial proceedings. The more grievous the injury and the more egregious the negligence, the more money you’ll need to adapt and adjust to the changes the injury imposes on your life. This is only common sense, and we understand that.

As a personal injury practice, we never charge our clients any fees upfront. All legal fees will be handled via contingency fees which are taken out of a client’s case earnings. If your case doesn’t succeed, no fees are due to our law office at any time. If you wish to learn more, simply browse our practice areas section or get in touch today.

We’re here for you, Kentucky.

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