5 Personal Injury Law Myths – Debunked

Published on Sep 13, 2018 at 5:16 pm in Personal Injury.

Sustaining an injury because of the actions or inactions of someone else isn’t just a physical ordeal; it’s often a financial one, as well. With all those additional expenses, many of us do not have the ability to take off work without falling behind. Once you fall behind, it can be difficult to catch up.

If you’re considering seeking legal guidance for your personal injury claim, you may be worried about paying for the services or how long the case will take. We’re here to provide you with the information you need to feel confident in filing an injury claim. Keep reading to find out about the most common personal injury law myths, and what the truth is behind them.

Myth #1: I can’t afford a personal injury attorney.

One of the most common myths about personal injury lawyers is that it’s going to cost an arm and a leg to talk to and hire one. At Daryl T. Dixon Law, we offer a free initial consultation for all of our prospective clients. We also work on a contingency basis. This means that we do not get paid unless we help you win your case. In the event of a win, personal injury fees are typically around 33 percent; however, it does vary depending on the complexity of the case.

Myth #2: My insurance company will cover all my costs if I’m injured.

Insurance companies do whatever they can to make as much money as possible. This means that they are likely to offer you the lowest settlement possible to make your case go away. You may only receive half of what an attorney could help you get. If your injuries were caused by the negligence of another party, you shouldn’t have to pay out-of-pocket for your medical expenses and recovery.

Myth #3: My injuries are minor, so I don’t need an attorney.

No matter what your injury, you deserve compensation for you expenses and suffering. In many cases, insurance companies will try to lowball you even more than normal if you have a minor injury. An attorney can help you receive fair compensation for whatever injuries you’ve sustained.

Myth #4: Personal injury cases are long, drawn-out legal affairs.

You may be worrying about the time your legal battle will take, especially if you’ve already had to take time away from work because of your injuries. This isn’t something to worry about because most personal injury cases are settled outside the courtroom.

Myth #5: I have plenty of time to file my personal injury claim.

You do not have an unlimited amount of time to file your personal injury claim. This limited time is called a statute of limitations. Every state sets their own parameters for their claim filing time frames. While it may differ depending on what type of personal injury claim you’re filing, in most cases in Kentucky, you have one year to file your claim. If you do not file your claim, it’s likely the court will refuse to hear your case.

A personal injury lawyer can help you efficiently receive full and fair compensation for your injury. If you’ve got concerns about your case or are just beginning to consider pursuing one, contact our Paducah, KY personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

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