Some of our Case Results

$209,000 Verdict Against State Farm In An UIM Case

This is a Case that we tried successfully to a Jury Verdict. Our client was Injured in an Accident on Interstate 24 in McCracken County. She Aggravated and Aroused a pre-existing neck condition and was forced to undergo a Surgical Fusion in her neck. She was also prevented from returning to work. State Farm only offered her $1,500.00 to Settle her Case and we were forced to go to Trial. After three days of Trial, the Jury returned a $209,000.00 Verdict in favor of our client.

Bad Faith Insurance Case Settles At Mediataion Before Trial

Here my Co-Counsel, Austin Mehr of Lexington, Kentucky and I filed a Bad Faith Case against an Insurance Company over a Car Accident case. The Insurance Company evaluated our Client’s injuries at $1,500 and at Trial we were awarded a jury Verdict of $209,000.00. We alleged that during the course of the original case, the Insurance Company had acted and negotiated in Bad Faith. We Settled this Case at Mediation for a confidential amount.

$200,000.00 Settlement For A Seriously Injured Motorcyclist

Our Client was on his Motorcycle headed to work one morning when a Pickup Truck pulled directly in front of him and he had no chance to avoid a collision. He had several Fractures to his foot, leg, and arm and was forced to be off work for an extended period of time. We were able to Settle his Case after Litigation had been initiated for the $200,000.00 Policy Limits.

Confidential Settlement Against An Inattentive Farmer

Our Client was a school teacher and was involved in an Accident where her car struck a dead cow in the middle of the road in Graves County. We Filed Suit against a farmer who owned the cow that had escaped his fencing. The Client had extensive injuries to her shoulder and spleen. We Settled this Case at mediation before Trail for a Confidential Settlement Amount.

Settlement For Families Of Fatally Injured High School Kids

We represented two different families whose high school kids were Fatally Injured in a Car-SUV Accident in front of the High School. Suit was filed against the driver of the SUV, who was a teacher at the high school, and the driver of the car that the kids were riding in. The Accident happened in a school zone and we Alleged that the driver of the car and SUV were both at fault. The Case Settled for a confidential amount on the eve of trial.

Settlement For River Boat Employee Who Was Thrown Overboard

Our client was an experienced Towboat Worker who was injured by a dangerous condition on the tow boat on which he was working. The worker was knocked overboard while loading and unloading the tow boat and suffered injuries to both of his legs and back. Suit was Filed and we later Settled his Case for $100,000.00, short of Trial.

Confidential Semi-Truck Settlement

This case was settled after suit was filed against the company of the Semi-Truck Driver and the Driver himself. The collision took place on the Interstate 24 bridge that separates Kentucky and Illinois. The driver was inattentive when swerving in and out of traffic late at night and struck our client who had gotten out of his vehicle to aid another vehicle. Our client was Fatally injured. There was comparative fault between the Semi-Truck Driver and our Client. The settlement amount remains confidential.

Settlement In The Death Of A Passenger On Western KY Parkway

We settled a very important case involving a 65-year old woman who was killed in a collision on the Western Kentucky Parkway. The woman was a passenger in a car when the car she in was struck by another vehicle. She was airlifted to a Louisville Hospital where she died a few days later. The case was settled for policy limits after suit was filed against the driver of the other car.

$245,000.00 Settlement In A Semi-Truck Vs. Tractor Accident

In this Case our Client was driving a Semi-Truck in Southern Graves County when he was hit and forced from the road by a Farm Tractor. Our Client was rushed to a Hospital by an Ambulance where he was treated for neck and back injuries from the Accident. He sustained bulging discs in his neck and back and both eventually required Surgical Intervention. once he failed Conservative Therapy, he had a Fusion Surgery in his neck and back. He was unable to return to work following the accident. The Case was Settled after suit was filed and before trial.

Settlement In A Nursing Home Abuse/Negligence Case

This case involved an elderly 76 year-old woman who died from Neglect of a local Nursing Home. The lady was not fed according to her Care Plan and was allowed to lapse into a Coma which eventually led to her Death. The neglect of the Nursing Home, we Alleged, was the direct cause of her Wrongful Death. The family of the woman hired my Co-Counsel and I to initiate suit. The Case was settled at Mediation for a confidential amount.

$100,000.00 Settlement Against A Drunk Driver

Our Client was a woman who was hit and run off the road by a drunk driver. The driver was arrested and charged with DUI and taken to jail. Our Client had three years plus of Conservative Treatment and then Fusion Surgery to her neck and back. Suit was Filed and later Settled for Policy Limit of $110,000.00. This included the Policy Limits of the drunk driver and the Underinsured Motorist Limits of our Client.

Settlement For The Death Of A Local Jones Act Seaman

Our Client was the Estate of a young man and his young son. he was working on a tow boat when the Captain of the boat ran into a lock wall while trying to maneuver the boat. When the boat struck the wall, the Seaman was knocked overboard where he drowned in the Ohio River. The case was filed under The Jones Act and resolved at Mediation before Trial for a Confidential Settlement Amount. The Judge approved the settlement for the minor child and the estate settled their claim.

Settlement For Elderly Couple Injured In Car Accident

Our Clients were in their early seventies and driving through a Western Kentucky town. They were then hit by a car who had failed to yield the right of way and forced off the road and through a chain link fence. Our Client driver suffered Broken Ribs and a Fractured Pelvis while the passenger had severe Whiplash to her neck, in which she had pre-existing Degenerative Disc Disease. Since her neck was already in a compromised condition, she needed a Fusion Surgery to repair the damage. The case was settled more than a year after the collision and without the necessity of a lawsuit for $250,000.00. Both Clients made a full recovery from their injuries.

Settlement For Local Resident Hit By Uninsured Motorist

A McCracken County man was injured in a collision on the Interstate 24 Loop in Paducah. Our client had degenerative disc disease in his back and after the car accident needed surgery. His treatment, including surgery, lasted over two years and he was unable to go back to work. We filed suit one year after the accident and we were able to settle the case one month prior to trial for policy limits of $150,000.00. The settlement included policy limits for bodily injury and uninsured motorist policy limits.

DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

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