The Casey Anthony Murder Trial is Interesting

Published on Jun 28, 2011 at 11:17 pm in Legal News.

The ongoing Casey Anthony Murder Trial is as interesting for its subplot as it is her being innocent or guilty.  Now, as a disclaimer, I have not watched much of the trial to this point. Further, my practice now is limited to Kentucky Civil Cases.  But in my limited viewing I came up with an interesting take on this case.

Casey’s Defense Lawyer’s in Opening Statement claimed that Casey was sexually abused by her Father.  Actually, they have zero witnesses in which to make this claim other than Casey herself.  Therefore, the larger issue now is whether Casey will take the stand in her own defense.  She almost has to in order for their story to remain credible.  But if they choose to do so the Prosecutor’s will almost surely tee off on Casey and the many other inconsistencies of her story/stories.

So the larger issue is will Casey or won’t Casey go on the stand and defend herself.  I really have no idea about which of these options will be picked by her defense.  But I do know that if she does not take the stand, her Defense team….and thus her, will lose all credibility they have with this Florida Jury.

If I had to make a call on how this case would go at this point, I think her Defense Team is scrambling around trying to cut any deal that they can that would keep her from the Death Penalty.  Let’s face it, the Prosecution has been less than great, but Casey and her Defense Team have backed themselves into a corner..

Let me know what you think.   

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