Buzzard Rock Marina Employee Dies After Fire

Published on Nov 17, 2008 at 11:28 pm in Boating Accident.

Travis Leech, 23, has lost the battle with his injuries resulting from the Buzzard Rock marina fire 11 days ago. Our deepest sympathies go out to the Leech family, and to all those who were close to him.

The fact that Leech most likely lost his life because of the negligence of another is disheartening. Paducah, Kentucky personal injury attorney, Daryl T. Dixon, is no stranger to tragedies such as these. As a wrongful death attorney, Mr. Dixon is familiar with the possible claims that may be brought on behalf of Travis Leech by his family. A few likely claims may be for workers compensation, product liability if the gas pump or boat are deemed faulty, and a wrongful death claim for any negligence committed by any party which resulted in the injures sustained by Mr. Leech.

Pain and suffering for 10 days, as well as economic loss figured through the average working age, are only two examples of damages that would be recoverable for the Leech family. Paducah, Kentucky boating accident attorney, Daryl T. Dixon, is always open to discussing possible claims such as these by those who have been injured, or know someone who has.

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