Yolanda Davis and Marie Petrie Killed in a Car Accident on the Western Kentucky Parkway

Two passengers were killed in a one-car accident Monday afternoon on the West Kentucky Parkway, according to Kentucky State Police.

Marie A. Petrie, an 80-year-old and 38-year old Yolanda Davis, both of Cincinnati were pronounced dead on the scene of the accident. Rose M. Davis, a 56-year-old and diver of the automobile was airlifted to the University of Hospital in Louisville.

While Davis was driving, she left the road and over corrected, driving her vehicle in a tree.

The executives of the estates of Yolanda Davis and Marie A. Petrie may have a claim from this wreck against the Insurance Company of Rose Davis. Their claim will be for Wrongful Death due to the negligence of the driver that caused the accident. What is clear is that all of the facts are not known. In situations such as this it can take weeks, months or even years to discover exactly what happened.

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The County or the Kentucky State Police, in a case such as this, must open an Investigation. Sometimes the result of these investigations can stay open for months. Most of the time, the results are released within a week.

We would like to send our thoughts and prayers to the families of Yolanda Davis and Marie A. Petrie.