Interstate 24 Personal Injury Attorney, Daryl T. Dixon, Discusses Negligent Driving as a Cause of Recent I-24 Crash

Loren Sortman was driving west bound on I-24 when she rear ended a chevy malibu driven by Beverly Beckett. A tractor trailer driven by Verlin Tackett struck the rear of Sortman's car because he could not stop in time. Both Sortman and Beckett were injured and removed to Marshall County and Lourdes Hospitals for treatment. In cases such as these, Interstate 24 Attorney, Dary T. Dixon, would like to point out that this collision would not have occurred, had certain parties involved been more attentive to their driving. Such negligence would be grounds for recovery for an injured party involved in a similar accident. Please contact our office with any question you may have relating to these types of accidents.
Just for your information: The person that caused the accident was a male not a female. The truck driver did everything possible to avoid being included in the accident. As an attorney with a blog, you need to get your facts totally straight before putting the information on the internet. Signed an innocent bystander who is familiar with the facts.
by cheesehead November 17, 2008 at 01:47 PM
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